Carina Traberg is a Danish artist who after graduating in 2004 from The Funen Academy of Fine Arts in Odense has lived and worked in London and Istanbul. She recently returned to Aarhus in Denmark from where she’ll continue working with art.

She works with an exploration of modern form in modern life with a focus on architecture and creating alternate worlds. Carina Traberg’s recent works consist of photo collages each made from buildings cut out of hundreds of photos that Carina Traberg has taken in places in which she has lived and travelled.

The collages spring from small ideas and come to life through an improvised work method using different photos of buildings, roads, stairs and trees that are cut out individually and put together again digitally to create and alternative world that resembles the exiting.The inspiration for these is taken from a variety of places and situations like Turkish Miniature paintings, Modernism, video games and city life.Recurring themes are escapism and the search for a sense of belonging.



  2010 Carina Traberg